Release time for v16?

Does anyone know when freepbx16 is slated to come out?

Sangoma doesn’t normally go “way out” on limbs with announcements, but I think we’ve been told that it should be out “soon”.

that is an awesome thing to hear :). thanks!

is there any roadmap for what might be in v16?

The page is:

However, this has not been updated since before 15’s launch. Hope Sangoma will keep this format. I found it very useful.

Great question!

I think in the future we’d like to see something shorter than the last time interval for release (2.5 yrs or so between FreePBX 14 and FreePBX 15)

I come from the Asterisk world, and we historically target annual major releases (with some exceptions).

I’m not entirely opposed to that either.

I think we’re still trying to decide what a decent cadence should be.

There are some things that we’re working on - PHP 7.x changes in the distro, also working towards getting the underlying distro upgraded and based on a newer version of CentOS, and some other platform related things that could warrant a 16 release sooner rather than later.

Matthew Fredrickson

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