Release of Asterisk 14 imminent, apparently

I logged in a few minutes ago and saw the announcement about something else, and in the body of the release, the mention the imminent release of Asterisk 14. Is FreePBX going to try to use that, are we going to stick to the “odd numbered” Asterisks as Long Term Support, or are we going to go crazy?

Asterisk 14 is an option on 10.13 Distro systems (and 14 systems) when you run asterisk-version-switch. You can try it out or skip it, it’s up to you.

some things will likely work back to 1.4 or 1.6, but we encourage everyone to be to at least 13. We will typically load up new alphas and betas of asterisk and start doing high level reviews and fixes. 14 had a few breaking changes but I am sure we caught most of them. We won’t fully know until adoption is wider.

Can we expect FreePBX to embrace Opus codec now that Digium seems to have decided to push it forward?

Can the Sangoma phones be updated to support Opus? I remember reading that the Yealink T46g phones could not support Opus due to the limited capabilities of its processor, seeing how Sangomas are so similar to Yealinks I am crossing fingers that Sangoma got a better underlying hardware that is capable of Opus codec once Sangoma decides to support it.

Asterisk 14 with opus is already available for those who are testing SNG7. Simply run ‘yum update’ and then ‘asterisk-version-switch’ and you’ll be able to switch to Asterisk 14.

However, I’m going to be releasing a new ISO (beta2) very soon now (in the next couple of days) with some pretty important fixes, so if you’re not ALREADY running it, don’t bother 8)

Edit: Opus will not be available on 6-based Distros in the immediate future, because of technical issues when compiling.

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