Rejecting a call on Sangoma Connect does not reject the call on my desk phone

I have several users that are using Sangoma Connect on their smartphone, the windows client, and a desk phone. When then press ignore or reject on one of the clients the other two still show an active call. Is there no way to reject or ignore all?


Hi @rhilton

Sangoma Connect, Desk phone and windows client will act as individual endpoints so if one endpoint is unavailable or busy the other endpoints will still continue ringing.

So if you ignore or reject call from one client it will not impact other clients.

Silly question, but why is this behaviour like this?

I’m sitting at my desk, with my laptop, desk phone, and mobile. My phone rings and I have to ignore the same call on all three devices. Or, I’m out on the floor and my phone rings and I ignore it on my mobile but my desk phone is going to continue to ring even though I’m not there. I can’t set DND when I leave my desk because then the calls don’t go to my mobile.

What am I missing from the “How do I use Sangoma Connect?” manual?

In order to cease all ringing a group of devices, either the INVITE must time out, or one of the channels must answer. This would typically be done by sending the caller to voicemail, where the channel gets answered and all other channels are broken down. The SDK that Sangoma Connect is based on does not have features we can use to provide a 'Send Caller to VM" button.

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But why Optional Destination doesn’t work? I’ve set busy destination to terminate call and if I reject it should work.

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