Rejected call tone

We are trying to implement a softphone solution for our business using Linphone. All our team are on Linux so there’s not many options for good softphone apps out there vs for Windows/Mac.

Currently, if a call comes through to a ring group and is answered by another user, or if you are on a call and another call comes in (we are limiting inbound calls to one), you get a double beep tone to say the call has been ended or rejected. If you are on another call, or in an online meeting on the computer, this tone interrupts what you are hearing. Does anyone know a way to turn off this tone?

This might be Linphone producing that tone.

look into using one of the many wss (secure web socket) softphones out there, should work in any modern browser (but will need proper certs and transports defined on the server though)

Yes, you are right! I had spent a long time searching in Linphone docs and on forums late last year and didn’t find anything, but your message prompted another search which yielded a result. Here’s the solution if anyone else is interested (I can’t post links, so copy and edit)

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