Reinstall FreePBX on a Sangoma System 50 ? (Console Mode Install)

I have a System50 that I use for demo/testing purposes. I’d like to reinstall a fresh version of FreePBX on it but can’t seam to figure out how to launch the USB distro installer. I verified that the USB is setup properly in the boot sequence

1st Boot Device                [USB:UFD USB Flash ]
2nd Boot Device                [HDD:P0-OWC Mercury]
3rd Boot Device                [Network:IBA GE Slo]

But when i boot to my usb with the IMG burnt to it, i only get a blank screen after the POST

MB-7540 Ver.AAF07/22/2014                                                       
CPU : Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D525   @ 1.80GHz                                     
Speed : 1.80 GHz                                                                                                                                               
Press DEL to run Setup (Press Tab on Remote Keyboard)                           
Press F11 for BBS POPUP  (Press P on Remote Keyboard)                           
Initializing USB Controllers .. Done.                                           
2038MB OK                      
USB Device(s): 1 Storage Device
89 (WfM 2.0)
USB Device(s): 1 Storage Device                       

Not sure what the trick is to launch the FreePBX installer in a console mode.

@xrobau wrote this so pinging him ^

That is not a system 50. Where did you get that box from?

It was included in part of the OTTS training held last year. It’s the demo system that everyone got at the end of the training.

Ok well that was a 1 time custom machine for that class only.

You need to use this, specific USB image, which has been explicitly modified so it works with a serial interface:

Write that to a USB Stick following the instructions in the wiki, here:

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