Registration of customers

I have customers timing out.
There status on the sip show peers screen shows

(Unspecified) and UNKNOWN

after a certain period of time not sure what the time frame is. but im thinking it is the sip registration timeout. I know the default is 300 sec but is there a way to change these settings as it is necessary.

Any help will appreciate. And this is kinda time sensitive, if you need logs post necessary ones plz.



Sounds like it could be a registration problem, but without more details…

Some questions

  • are these phones local or remote?
  • are they behind a firewall?
  • Is the Asterisk server behind a firewall?
  • Are you doing any port forwarding to the server?
  • What type of phones?

That would be a start in troubleshooting.


What type of phones are you using? It seems that as asterisk has advanced in versions from 1.2 to 1.4 to 1.6 the time it takes to process a re-register request from a phone the time it needs has also increased slightly. We have had to adjust the setting in our Aastra phones to start the re-registration process a bit sooner then before. (I confirmed this by bringing up a old copy of 1.2 and we don’t have issues but with later versions it seems to take a extra 2-3 seconds to complete).

For the Aastra phones you can change the number of seconds before end of registration to attempt re-registration and that fixed our issue. We just increased this value by 10 seconds and all of our problems went away.

They are grandstream ht503’s, no firewall, they are remote, server is not behind a firewall and is on a dedicated static hundred meg line, port forwarding to the server is not necessary.

I am basically looking for a registration length within the freepbx system for all phones, could you let me know if there is a setting somewhere and where if it exists.



You might try adjusting the 503, from the manual:

Register Expiration-This parameter allows the user to specify the time frequency (in minutes) the HandyTone ATA refreshes its registration with the specified registrar. The default interval is 60 minutes (or 1 hour). The maximum interval is 65535 minutes (about 45 days).

Try 30 minutes.

You mention customers? I am not sure I’d use GS in a business situation.