Registration lost after internet recovery

Hi guys!

This issue I’m facing happens to me offten, when internet connection is lost for a time. In this case it was a half hour internet loss connection.

Well, whe connection is lost I get lots of lines like this:

[2017-06-13 07:51:01] NOTICE[1771] chan_sip.c: – Registration for ‘[email protected]’ timed out, trying again (Attempt #1191)

More data:

  • I don’t use domain names to connect, so I supose it’s not a DNS problem.
  • If I try to do “amportal restart” it still can’t be connected.
  • Internet connection works fine: low latency, good bandwith.
  • Only e reboot of the machine can solve this :sweat:

It happens to me on more machine, and it allways happens when connection is lost for a time (cupple of minutes).
Any idea?

Best regards

When you have this problem can you ping the target host?

Yes, Internet connection seems to work correctly.



At first, try to give us your trunk settings.

Check if qualify=yes , or maybe try to change its value qualifyfreq.
Next, try to decrease the value for defaultexpiry (if the value is 1800, try to put 300)
Check your NAT settings.

What happen when you try to restart asterisk ?
# service asterisk restart

If no change, try to restart network service.
# service network restart

If your trunk works after restarting network service, the issue came from the network environment i guess. (Router settings, Gateway settings)
If you don’t be able to fixe this issue side network, you could make a small rule in Fail2ban restarting networks service if internet is up again.

Just an idea like that.

Hi danardf,

Restarting services didn’t work ever.

I think I know the reason of the issue:

The problem is out of my freepbx machine. I have an UTM firewall developed by a local vendor, that is not able to encampsulate UTP packets correctly whe the connection is recovered. When I make a restart of the machine the session seems to be expired and everyting works again.

Solution: I want use this UTM fuirewall anymore.

Thank you!

Ok Good.
Yes indeed, sometimes this is a session issue.