Registration failure for some extensions with Version 2.0.0 -62

I have some problem with Free Pbx version 2.0.0 -62.suddenly some extensions are getting registration failure other extensions are working.after restarting the Pbx again it starts working.
Can some one help me in this…

Version 2.0 ???
That seems unlikely, it is extremely old.

What version of Asterisk? What operating system is it installed on?

Hi Leap Frog,
We are using asterisk version 2.0.0-62 with on Linux operating. me

There is no Asterisk version 2.0.0-62

The latest Asterisk is 1.8

What version of FreePBX?

My name is SkykingOH, Leap Frog is just a status.

Hi Skyking,
Sorry. Free Pbx version is FreePBX