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We’re experiencing issues with our VOIP / SIP provider who’s protections/systems keep our trunks from remaining registered. We’ve found that our trunks are configured to re-register every 60 seconds.

Pictured is the one setting we’ve updated from 60 to 3600, to ensure we don’t flood our provider’s system with the DDOS attack equivalent of registrations, but can anyone list other places where FPBX would have 60 registration related timers? We’re still sending our carrier too many notifications.

Every week we have to call them after a power outage or internet reboot since our public IP keeps changing (they have to whitelist us due to the sheer number of notificaitons FPBX sends them for our trunks)

Why do you have large numbers of trunks? The concept of a trunk is that it is a single entity that can accept many simultaneous calls.

If they want a long registration interval, they should request it during the registration process. Conversely, they can force your interval down, if they think it is too high.

You have got a qualify interval of 60, which means there is going to be a handshake every minute, per trunk. On the other hand, qualify becomes pointless if you don’t do it frequently.

A single system, used normally, can never created a Distributed Denial of Service.

Are static addresses not available in your country? Why do you have so many power failures?

If you set long intervals, you need to make sure that dynamic rules in your router will not time out.

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