Registration drops every 10 - 15 minutes freepbx 15

I have a deployment of 3 Cisco SPA 508G phones on a Ubiquiti Edgemax Router. I went into the FReepbx FIREWALL and enables, added their IP as trusted. I also added XX.XX.0.0/16 in case their ip should change.

I also went into Fail2ban and added their IP to the whitelist.

When the FREEPBX firewall is enabled, their phones work find for 10 - 15 minutes. They deregister for 1 - 2 minutes then they register again and work fine for 10 -15 minutes

It I disable the firewall from the Freepbx GUI, then they stay registerd with no issues. If I re-enable the firewall the pattern begins again.

I am using the following:

Firmware: 12.7.6-1904-1.sng7

Freepbx Version 15.0.16

Asterisk Version 13.22

All modules are up to date and they system is up to date

Any ideas?

Do you have the sip helper disabled in EdgeOS?

show configuration commands | grep sip
set system conntrack modules sip disable

I still need to get a system spun up for testing on this… /wtb more hours

Hello Sorvani and thank you for the reply

I do not have sip helper disabled for the mere fact that I have 25 deployments using this same router and no issues. Just issues on the 1

I did upgrade the asterisk version from 13.22 to 16 about 2 hours ago… Ever since I did that I have not seen the registration drop

I will update this thread in a few days

Is there a valid reason I am not aware of that I should be disabling Sip Helper?

Google SIP ALG and read for yourself.

It is true that Ubiquiti’s EdgeOS is one implementation I have never had a problem with to date. But I still disable it.

This isn’t a production deployment is it? Because you’re running a Beta version of FreePBX which could have a good amount of bugs and other issues still open on it since it’s not a Stable release. You should not be running FreePBX 15 in a production environment.

Yes, it is a production server. I thought it was stable. Should have kept reading :slight_smile:
Any way to roll back?

Well really it should be “I should have read” as it is literally the first line of the Updater page when you run the v14 to v15 upgrade.

Nope. You’d need to create a new 14 box and redo everything.

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My fault totally. Ok, thank you

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