Registering Yealink phone issues with FreePBX

I have my FreePBX 16.0.40 setup and running. I have gotten Yealink T46U phones. I plugged the phones in on my network and I got a IP address for phone that was correct. It is using the correct vlan. I logged into the phone gui by the ip address. Put information on the gui for phone activation. Clicked confirmed at bottom and after a few moments shows registration failed. Looking for ideas to check.

What, if anything, appears in the Asterisk log (/var/log/asterisk/full) when the phone attempts to register?

If nothing, run sngrep and report what, if anything appears there.

If also nothing, can you ping the phone from a shell prompt on the PBX? Please describe the networking between the phones and PBX.

I keep getting the information below repeated. I can also ping phone from PBX.

Phone -------- Switch ------------Switch------------Switch---------Server(FreePBX)

Strange, the sngrep shows 3 messages in each REGISTER dialog (I’m guessing an error reply and an ACK), but you see nothing in the Asterisk log?

Anyhow, use the up and down arrows to position the cursor on one of the REGISTERs and press enter. Take a screenshot and post that.

I assume that on FreePBX, you did set up extension 200 as a pjsip extension?

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