Registering voiper client to my freepbx

Hello I am trying to register voiper on my cell phone to my freepbx. I can register all local phones just fine what all is entailed in registering a client from public IP can I get a cheklist to go throgh? Do I have to use STUN server and if so how do I use it? Please help getting 408 time out error message.

There are lots of things entailed in connecting a phone outside the network to the system.

Unfortunately, there isn’t just one recipe for success. Every installation relies on different activities and processes to work. So, for example, I have Zoiper running on an old Note3 in my local network. With the correct username and password, and connecting it to the local network IP address, I can get it to work flawlessly.

If, on the other hand, I want to get Zoiper running on my Note10 through the ‘data’ plan, I have to set up a lot of different things, including Dynamic DNS settings for my phone and a gateway into the server through the Integrated Firewall. I also need to open my propriety System Firewall to allow the phone to connect to a SIP port to allow the basic handshaking.

So, that’s just two use cases. Factor in the possibility of running VPNs, switching the phone from LAN to WAN addressing, GSM Interfaces, and others that I haven’t even mentioned, and you end up with a path that is defined by the specifics of your particular situation.

Walk us through the details of what you want to do, and try to be as information generous as you can, and we should be able to guide you.

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