Registering user to FreePBX requires IP+port

When registering (connecting) a new user to FreePBX using Zoiper I always have to enter the ip+port.

Is there an option I can change to no longer have to add the port at the end?

Our old solution didn’t need the port at the end so after importing all settings to FreePBX I want to simply change the IP and put in the old IP so that we don’t have to reconfigure all users.

Is the port 5060? Because if it’s not, you need to put in the port.

it’s 5160. so if I use 5060 it should work?

No, you need to use 5160 because that’s the port. You don’t need to put in the port when you use the standard default port for 5060. You’re not, so you need to specify the port.

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