Registering queue log in database

Hello, all.

I am trying the FreePBX distro and it seems amazing. However, I would prefer to register all queue logs at the database, not in the /var/log/asterisk/queue_log file. How could I configure FreePBX to do it? I know how to do it in a bare Asterisk installation using the module and I suspect it can be done here too but I want to know what is the usual procedure.

Summing up:

[] What is the preferred way to register the logs from the queues in a database table?
] How do you all process queue logs? Do you process the whole asteriskcdrdb.cdr table? Or do you register queue logs in a table, as I intend to do?

Thanks in advance!

Bumping an old thread here, but i have the same issue…

I’ve looked at this guide:

But it doesnt seem to work on FreePBX. Any ideas how i can configure queue_log to dump into a database?


do i simply create the mentioned extconfig file? it doesnt exist on my system…

Does anyone successfully tried this with FreePBX + Asterisk? I tried this with
Asterisk (Ver.

from both manual install and distro but nothing works.

Found this article but it didn’t worked

same as this

Does anybody have an answer to this yet, I really need this for integration to call center system (real time queue data in mysql). We are on latest FreePBX with Asterisk 11.2)

Any help would be much appreciated