Registering asterisk as a SIP client with one extension


I’m still pretty new with PBXes and have one goal I want to achieve: I set up an IVR with asterisk as our current PBX doesn’t offer such functionality. Now I would like to register asterisk at the “main” PBX as a SIP client which when called does its IVR thing.

Lets say the sip account asterisk is supposed to use is 1234.
How would I go about accomplishing this? I guess I need to configure a SIP Trunk?
And if yes and I successfully did that, how do I tell it to use the IVR extension as its “main” number (when you call 1234 at the “main” PBX level you should be greeted by the IVR)?

Thank you very much for your help in advance!

Welcome to FreePBX!

You’ll need to setup an Inbound Route on the FreePBX and point it to the IVR.

I suggest you reading the Wiki:, there’s also great tutorials on YouTube from Crosstalk Solutions.

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