Registering a phone

Hi, I am trying to register a pbx phone, and I have question. Where do I find the |Authentication User ID||
| — | — |
|Authentication Password| from? From the extension I created, or from the trunk? TY

The auth id is the extension number, and the auth password is the secret on that same extension.

Thanks. My issue is that configuring the phone via its IP on the net, it only accepts the Trunk’s name and pass. Otherwise it won’t dial out. It makes calls, but I just can’t get it to accept calls. I’ve tried it in all different set ups and can’t get it to register.

Generally getting it to register is easier than getting it to make calls, so I think you need to provide (“pjsip set logger on”) type logs for a failed registration and a successful call. The authentication is the same for both, and it slightly more likely that the From: user will be the extension number during the register than during the outbound call.

Unless you do something special, the extension is the From: user, not the auth ID. Typically they are set to the same thing and you’d probably only need to explicitly set the auth ID if it differed.

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