Register sip extension remotely

hi guys

i have a server with freepbx 12 in my workplace that works with internal extensions.
i need to set an extension that can be registered from external network with microsip.
how do i do that?
how do i set sip server address?

thank you

Hi royossef,

my suggestion is to implement a VPN-network between your external-network and your network, where freepbx is located. if this is not wanted / possible, you have to make your freepbx be accessable over WAN. to do so, if you are not directly conencted to the WAN with your freePBX, you need port-forwards from your router to freePBX for SIP (port 5060) and RTP (as defined in freepbx-settings), you need a fixed IP or DynDNS-Service aswell, and you need to be sure, that you have strong passwords for your extensions, because you will run into big problems if not. this is just a basic explanation, and you will probaply need some testing and debugging until everything will work as expected.

If you need SIP registration from outside your network (without a VPN), you need to relax your Firewall rules at the router. If you upgrade to 13+, you will get the benefit of an easily configurable PBX firewall to take up the slack. 12 is end of life anyway.

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thank you
before the firewall issue,
from where im getting the sip server address?
how do i configure it?
do i need to set a stun server ?
i dont know what i should do in the sip settings

the sip server adress is the adress of your freepbx system! but if you want to use it from an external network over WAN it will be for external clients the public WAN-IP, you should set up dyndns if this is not a fixed one, as i mentioned earlier!
i think you have to read some howto that is explainig what you want to do step by step, before you go further! this forum will not be a step by step guide for all your questions! a stun server is not needed, i never used one, but if you are using NAT: NAT related settings in FreePBX has to be setup correct!

if you have questions regarding sip settings you should specify more sepcific what you want to know!

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