Register problems from linphonecsh linux

Hi everyone!

Some time ago I configured dozens of Linux (Raspberry) devices using linphonecsh. It carried out an automatic modification of the linphonerc file and during the first registration the ha1 hash was created.
Now I have restarted the project and I cannot authenticate. The client sends the REGISTER frame in a loop due to a timeout error.

No message appears in the freepbx log, it seems as if it will not route the registration request correctly.

After many tests I have located a specific case that fails. It is the following:

  1. I created a new pjsip extension in freepbx and its password
  2. I configure linphonerc with that data
  3. I start linphonec and the registration is done correctly (the authentication hash is stored in linphonerc)
  4. If I change the client’s IP address, it stays in a loop sending the REGISTER frame and in freepbx log no message appears
  5. If I put the IP that was used when making the first registration in the client again, it connects correctly again

What configuration should I modify so that the same client can connect from any IP?

Thank you so much

Run sngrep on the PBX and report whether the registration attempts appear there. If not, run tcpdump or Wireshark on the client to see whether the requests are being sent to the correct IP address and port.

If sngrep does show the requests, most likely FreePBX Firewall (or other software firewall) is blocking them. If disabling the firewall doesn’t allow registration to complete, use pjsip logger to see whether a proper request is seen by pjsip.

Hello @Stewart1, thanks for your reply.

I got this with sngrep when client (ext. 9999) is not registered correctly:

If the register sends with a mobile data connection the client connect without problems with PBX.

Is it possible that FreePBX bans the client’s public IP?