Registed pjsip trunks change status to rejected after two weeks, reload resolves problem

Dear FreePBX community,

Over the past years, I have a quite annoying issue with my FreePBX setup related to SIP registrations to SIP providers. My FreePBX makes use of Asterisk 16.3.0. While the FreePBX as such runs stable at least over months, after about two weeks SIP registrations to SIP providers change their state from Registered to Rejected, as obtained from:

asterisk -rvvvv
pjsip show registrations

This happens regularly about each two weeks. However, when I reload the configuration on the FreePBX shell by executing “fwconsole r”, the FreePBX registers again and succeeds. I do not doubt that there were indeed (short) network outages when the registration expired and no renewal was possible. However, I wonder whether FreePBX / Asterisk can be configured in a way that there are further retries instead of simply giving up.

I got the impression that the default behavior is to try registrations a few times and then to give up forever. Only manual interaction resolves the issue. Is there a way to perform follow-up retries on a regular basis, e.g. once an hour, if the standard time-out causes giving up retries on a shorter repetition rate?

Do you have any suggestions as how to improve the setup? Thanks a lot for your comments.

Best regards,

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