Regarding in-house Conference Bridge solution

Hello Experts,

I am looking to build in-house Conference Bridge solution. This Solution will be a online portal where users will put a request for the conference bridge and automatically 1 con-call number along with password (auto generated) will be assigned to their email id which they will insert. Below are few pointers which we need to achieve. This bridge will be time based i.e. from time and to time post time is completed users need to be kicked from the bridge.

I am using Freepbx as well as Elastix for testing purpose.

-Conference number will be allocated basis on the availability of numbers in conference reserve pool. I will share the DB details shortly.
-Once conference bridge end time is completed, we need to forcefully logout all users from that bridge through cron (I will share command which needs to trigger in linux server). Also we need to reset pass code of that particular bridge automatically/randomly.

We request your expertise to be shared across accordingly i will be able to build this solution.
Thanks in advance.

Vijendra Nagotkar

Have you looked at the Conference Pro package? Letting someone else spend the money to develop this seems like a good idea to me.

If, on the other hand, the point of the exercise is to build such a thing, then the Web-based front end is really the only “new art” required.

@jfinstrom has a bunch of good code pointers for building apps that talk to FreePBX and Asterisk, and there is a Wiki full of interesting information about building apps that work safely with the system.

Thanks Dave Burgess for prompt response.

I tried Conference Pro app but that will not solve my purpose of sending mails/kicking users post scheduling is over etc… As you suggested Web based front end i worked on that as well… but once i am inserting data in SQL like pass-code etc (in conference database) it required to restart the amportal service to apply the configuration each and every time.

I would require your assistance that how to insert data through API/direct access to DB and how to implement the same. Parallel i also require your guidance that incase of schedule conference call is over then pass-code should automatically reset OR that conference number should be disabled till it gets assigned to another person.

There’s good news and bad news on this:

If you are working with the old FreePBX (unsupported, pre-11 version), then doing things within the database is a perfectly reasonable way to get the job done.

With the newer (11 and after) versions of the software, there are a series of “best practices” that need to be used, including the new BMO objects for database updates and the native FreePBX calls (usually from PHP programs) that let you interact in real time with the system.

Your target (for new development) should be the post-11 FreePBX, which means you’ll need to get involved with the FreePBX development stuff that James maintains on GitHub.

Hi Dave,

I am having FreePBX version…I registered with GitHub but not aware how to work on it… Seeking your guidance Please

FreePBX Developers Wiki is a good place to start. From there, you should be able to see how to interface FreePBX with other services through PHP (for example).

What he wants is AMI or ARI. FreePBX isn’t really designed for this.

Hello James,
Can you please let me know who will be the person who can able to develop application as per our requirement as a one time charges.

You can always send a custom development request to our sales team at