Referencing FreePBX components from custom dialplan

I’m working on an application that starts off in custom dialplan and then gets routed to some standard features–IVRs and queues. From the dialplan I could Goto e.g. ivr-2,s,1 or ext-queues,5000,1. Is there a better way to do this?

One pitfall I see with this internal referencing is that FreePBX doesn’t know about it, so in the IVR screen it doesn’t make note that the IVR is “Used as a destination by 1 object”. I can’t think of any other major concerns, but I would really like FreePBX to know about the custom connection (and any future administrator or programmer who might consider deleting the IVR that appears not to be used).

I was debating adding a Misc. Application that points to the IVRs, and then pointing my custom dialplan at that.

Not better, but perhaps more tolerant in the case of backup/restore would be to do as you say and create a Misc Application that points to the IVR as an intermediate instead of going to the IVR directly. I’ve advocated for doing this before, but don’t always do it myself.

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