References to Sendmail?

I switched from sendmail to postfix to remedy an issue emailing voicemails. When I login to my Freepbx system, it quickly flashes “sendmail - service unrecognized” since I do not have it installed, Obviously, it is being called from one or more files/modules. I would like to delete the reference to it, but cannot find the files.

Thanks in advance.

More info please. How did you install your system? What versions of software? Hw do you remove sendmail and install postfix?

I installed Pbxinaflash. PIAF version, Freepbx v., running asterisk O/S is Centos 6.2 with kernel 2.6.32-220.17.1.el6.i686.

yum remove sendmail
yum -y install postfix

I usually use the following

yum -y install postfix system-switch-mail


rpm -e sendmail

posfix is already installed and I cannot rpm -e sendmail as it is uninstalled.

I think system-switch-mail will remove all the residual sendmail you probably did not remove.

Where exactly is it that you see this error?

There used to be a package named system-switch-mail , but it no longer is available. How else can I remove any residual sendmail? I see the error when I ssh into the zotac box hosting pbxinaflash…right before the system status screen, i see the sendmail being called

My bad. I used the system-switch-mail on systems I built by hand.

Most likely there are some references to sendmail in /etc/rd.d