Redtail CRM integration

Has anyone here had success integrating Redtail CRM? They have an API, but I haven’t seen anything with a simple callerid variable that I can at least use to call pop.

Ironically, I just had a client today ask me to do this. A quick 'net search turns up a product called Jive, but it appears to be for a virtual PBX product.

I wonder if its possible to do this through the CRM module…

Submit the feature request and see what Sangoma can do for you.

The Sangoma CRM has a generic API interface so you can use it with CRM’s that have API integration.

Wiki page for the CRM module API

Forum post showing how to enable webhooks:

I was looking at that last night. Unfortunately we’d have to buy the modules before I could even experiment with it. Might have to bite the bullet and try it.

Oh wait, there’s a free trial period I forgot about…

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Thanks everyone. I’ll submit the request to sangoma, doubt I’ll have time to try to figure out webhooks.

It would probably take less time than waiting for Sangoma to prioritize this request or even consider this request. One user making the request isn’t going to get it looked at or dumped into a work flow.

If this is something you need in the immediate future, you need to look at learning webhooks.

Thanks BlazeStudios, I appreciate the advise, I haven’t submitted this type of request before, so I imagine that’s the case. I’ll review webhooks when I have a chance.

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