Redirecting to cell phone in ring group if extension is offline (follow-me?)


I have the following config:

11…extension for dedicated SIP phone
12…extension for a SIP softphone

10…Ring group for calling extensions 11 and 12 together

So, what I now want to archieve when calling the ring group (or could be also a qeuqe) is:
The phone with extension 11 should always ring, if online.
The phone with extension 12 (softphone) should ring if online, if not the call should be forwarded to a regular cell phone.

So if the ring group is called, either extension 11 and the cell phone will ring, or if the softphone is running 11 and the softphone directly should ring (I have installed the softphone on the same cell phone and want to avoid ringing both softphone and landline).

I`ve played around with follow-me but could not get the desired results.

Please, could you give me any advice on doing this (it is the last part I need for my proper setup) ?

Thank you !

best regards,

Create a misc destination with the cell phone number you were referencing.

Create another ring group (20)
Within this ring Group put Ext 12 on the extension list and put the misc destination as your failover for this ring group.

Now in your original ring Group 10, remove Ext 12 and replace it with ring Group 20.

This will provide the result you described.

Hello Frank,

thank you. There must be something wrong at my side :-/

I`ve added a Misc Destination with my cell phone number to dial (00431231231233123 p.e.).

Then I`ve added a ring group with ID 13 (default settings), added 12 as agent there and as failover setup my misc destination.

Then I`ve added extension 11 and ring group 13 (is it enough only to put number “13” in agents list for a ring group also?) to the agents of the first ring group 10.

As failover in my first ring group (10) there is a redirection to voicemail.

If I now call and do not have the softphone and the client and the dedicated phone running, i immediatly get redirect to the voicemail (failover of first ring group).

Anything other to pay attention on (skip busy agents maybe?). Thanks !

10…first ring group (agents = 11,13;failover = Voicemail)
13…secondary ring group (agents = 12, failover = Misc Destination dial to cell phone)

dedicated phone = turned off
softphone = turned off
only cell phone is reachable (where the call should go in this case)

Thank you !

Changed failover of ring group 10 to redirect to ring group 13. Somehow better now, but not the final result i want (at least for the last situation in the following).

dedicated phone (11) = turned off
softphone (12) = turned off
mobile phone = on
==> mobile rings, all ok

dedicated phone (11) = turned off
softphone (12) = on
mobile phone = on
==> softphone rings, all ok

dedicated phone (11) = turned off
softphone (12) = on
mobile phone = off
==> softphone rings, all ok

This is the problem:
dedicated phone (11) = turned on
softphone (12) = turned on
mobile phone = on

==> not ok, ONLY dedicated phone (11) rings - but at least softphone should also

Is FAX Detection turned on in Extension 11? If so, the extension will seize the inbound call to listen for FAX tones, killing your ability to share the call.

Hi Thomas,

I came across your posting as I was trying to achieve the same thing and initially had trouble.

I have an office phone and also SIP softphone on my cell phone. When someone calls me I want both to ring, BUT if the softphone is unreachable due to my cell being in a poor data coverage area or maybe the softphone client is not running, then I would like my cell to ring + my office phone.

I believe this is what you are trying to achieve.
I successfully achieved this by using a personal ring group within a primary ring group.

Similar to what you’re doing but without Misc destinations.

11…extension for dedicated SIP phone (Office Phone)
12…extension for a SIP softphone

13…Secondary Ring group (agents = 12, cell phone) (ring strategy “hunt”)
10…Primary Ring group for calling extension 11 and ring group 13 together (ring strategy “ringall”)

The trick was to;

  • in the primary ring group 10, when specifying ring group 13 in extension list, you must suffix it with a # (this is the only way to have a ring group within a ring group).
  • in Ring group 13, I found I needed to suffix my cell phone number with a #
  • In Ring group 13, set the Ring Strategy to “hunt”. The PBX will try to call you soft phone first, then if it can’t, will call your cell #. Also if you “reject” the call on your soft phone, the call will come to you cell phone. This is handy if you want to take the call on your cell phone if you know you’re not in a good data area.

I also found the confirm calls option to work well in Ring group 13. Because I suffixed my cell phone with a #, and enabled confirm calls, the PBX would ask me to confirm the call when I answer my cell phone, but not when I answer from the soft phone or office phone.

This worked so well that I extended the config out to several others using the PBX and it is now a default config. I have created personal hunt groups for all users of the PBX containing their softphone and their cell so now when I want to add someone to a hunt group, I add their personal ring group instead of their extensions.

Hope this helps you and anyone else searching on how to achieve this.



Hi Greg,
I was trying to do pretty much the same as you, but no matter how many times i tried it just does not work.
I have 1 extensions 100 / Primary group is 600 / Secondary group 601
What i want to do is to receive call on my mobile whenever dedicated SIP is offline.
Either i am doing something wrong or my free PBX is too old (FreePBX 2.11)

Ring Group: 600
Ring Strategy: ringall
Ring Time (max 300 sec) : 10
Extension List: 100

Ring Group: 601
Ring Strategy: hunt
Ring Time (max 300 sec) :10
Extension List: 0044xxxxxxxx#

You should have started your own topic for this. Your problem is completely different than the one from the original poster.

On to your problem.
If you want to redirect to the cell phone if the ring group doesn’t answer, you don’t need to just through all of these hoops. Set up your RG so that all of the phones ring until the group expires, then send the call to your cell phone using the “cellnumber#” syntax.

If you only have one phone in the RG, then you don’t even need to bother with that. Set the extension up with your cell phone as the “Unavailable” extension (e.g., through a Misc Dest, I think) and use that to send the call to the cell.

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