Redirect phone number?

Hey Team,

I am wanting to redirect a number to another number. Specifically, in my area when you call 911, it’s the same as calling a local 7 digit number. I want to redirect 911 to that local number. I am not sure how to do this.

In past projects, I’ve used polycom phones that you can manipulate the digitmap of, with something like R911RnumberR, but I cannot figure out how to do this with the FreePBX interface.

Thanks for the assistance!

This just seems like a bad idea. What is wrong with letting the carrier send the 911 call to the correct response center?

I can see how you would think this is a bad idea based on the information.

However, I am using google voice exclusively as the inbound and outbound trunk.
google voice does not support 911 services.

So, I want to call the local carrier in case of emergency.


I had to do this very thing when the TELCO misrouted my 911 calls to another city. While we were waiting for them to troubleshoot the issue and figure out how to resolve it, I ruted any 911 call to the Dispatch Center’s admin line.

I created an outbound route called TEMP-911 and placed it in the first place in the outbound routes list.

In the dial rules prepend area I put the admin number for the 911 Center. In the Prefix area I placed 911 leaving all of the other fields blank.

I then routed this over to the appropriate trunk.

I agree this is not the ideal way of doing things, but sometimes things like this have to be done.

The important thing to remember is not to do this on your own. Consult with the 911 folks so they know exactly what you are doing. That will save you a lot of headaches.

The dispatchers would rather have all of this info in case there is an emergency.


Thanks! That worked. I will be calling them in the next couple days to confirm configuration and make sure all is kosher.