Red Hat change of policy and rehl downstream distros

I guess this change will affect the FreePBX distro

Any comment? If a thread already exists, please share the link.

Where do you get they are going closed source. Your subject is misleading. They are just doing away with the legacy source repository for centos since centos is now ahead of RHEL in releases not derived from RHEL after the fact. CentOs Stream still has all the source available.

They can’t make something that was open source now retroactively closed source nor can they make most of what makes up RHEL be closed source, as it’s not their property.

Considering the age of included libraries, PHP, NPM, and a host of other things, FreePBX would be difficult to take beyond CentOS 7 without major updates by Sangoma. It barely works with Rocky/Alma 8. So far, it won’t work on Rocky-9 or Debian-12 until someone backports older sources. It will be interesting to see the direction taken by Sangoma in its quest for SaaS and whether open-source FreePBX remains viable.

Title changed to reflect the exact issue.

Sangoma is working on a new Distro with Rocky 8, PHP8…etc
However, yes, it’s a big work, and it’s for this reason it’s not ready to go.
Just be patient, that’s it.

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