Red bar on free trial

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When i’m trying to start my SIPStation trial via the web GUI it gives my a red error bar in the top of the screen. This happens when im going from page 1 (country data) to page 2 after the red bar disappears an infinite loading screen pops up

(Dave Burgess) #2

SIPStation is a commercial product from Sangoma and isn’t really associated with the FreePBX User Community. I recommend you open a ticket with Sangoma (specifically SIPStation) to get some tech support from them. While it’s possible that one of us users might have some other advice, I doubt there’s anything we can do.

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Thanks for you reaction but freepbx is using/promoting SIPStation so i guesed FreePBX know’s something about their products. on their site i can login but not via the FreePBX site

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