Recurring Billing and Module Activation Errors

This is the second year in a row now that I have paid to renew the extension routing module ahead of its expiry date. However, now as the original expiry date has elapsed, the module has become deactivated and all extension routing in my PBX is broken. Please fix this immediately and take steps to prevent this type error happening in the future. I have filed a support ticket.

What license type did you buy? The 1 year or 25 year?

One year. I renewed in December because it was going to expire in January.

The one year license is free and also expires all functionality after that year. You should look into the 25 year license which is paid. Once you go past one year the module keeps working you just don’t get updates unless you renew.

This is the second year I paid for the module for 1 year. And it is completely disabled on my system now.

How did you paid for 1 year of the module? The 1 year version is free.


Either way you need to pay for the 25 year license if you want it to work past 1 year.


Unfortunately, adding an additional 1 Year Free version cannot be substituted for purchase of the 25 Year licensing after the initial 1 Year license has expired, or to act as a “renewal” of the free 12 month license. This is the reason you are seeing the “Extension Routes is not registered”.

Hopefully you will see the value in the $39 investment, as it appears this would indeed be desired in your current setup.

Thank you for your support of the FreePBX Community!

When the free one year expired in January 2017, I paid the ~$11 in maintaine to renew it. I renewed for $11 again December 2017 so that it would be good from January 2018-19.

What is the problem on your end?

There is no renewal fee for the 1 year Free version. Are you sure you didn’t previously buy the 25 year version and are looking at a system that has the 1 year free version?

I looked into your account and I can see that you paid for a renewal of $11 for the 1 year free extension routing module which is priced at $0. You should not have been able to do that. Furthermore as @TBryant stated it is also not allowed. After 1 year of the free version you must pay $39 for the full 25 year module.

I have asked our support Manager to reach out to you and offer a solution

Thanks for looking into this. Your support manager reached out to me and we were able to figure out a solution.

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