Recovering root password

A friend recently passed away, and we’ve been trying to put-together login information for his IT stuff (he ran a small services business). We have most everything we need, but the FreePBX box credentials. I have access to the hardware, it is a FreePBX appliance.

Any tips for resetting the credentials on the box in such a way that it won’t disrupt communications when I’m done?

Thanks for this. I haven’t tried it yet.

It turns out I was able to find some FreePBX backups that had been sent to an ftp server to which I had access. I was able to grep a password prefix he was accustomed to using, and also his E-Mail address, to put together the web portal login name and password.

I still haven’t figured out the root password yet. And I think I already know the answer to this question but I assume the root password is not stored anywhere in the backup file FreePBX creates? I also assume there is no way to change the root password if I have the web portal login name and password?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Just go to the link James sent you to. There’s really nothing to “figure out”.

Note that we can be a pedantic bunch, so if you ask for the “root” password, we’re going to get you to the “root” password, not a management password on a web portal or some other subordinate service. This can be set using the FreePBX tools from the command line.

To get to that, however, you will need the “root” password.

Okay thank you.

I’ve been hesitant to change the root password, a bit worried there would be a “gotcha” after doing so.

And yeah, the root password is still the one that evades me.

Tomorrow I’ll go perform the steps in the link I was provided. At least now I can get into the web portal so I can do one more backup before restarting the machine.

Thank you gentlemen for your help.