Recovering from crash

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Last Thursday my Synology on which my FreePBX runs in a virtual machine, had a crash of its volume. I’ve have spent the better part of 3 days recovering files and VMs and I’m now at a point I want to recover my VMs. So far most of them I have been able to import, but the FreePBX image must have suffered more than the other VMs because I’m getting the following errors on boot up:

Everytime I enter “exit”, it repeats the errors.

Anyway of fixing this and get it running so I don’t have to rollback an image of more than 6 months old?

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Did you try to run a xfs_repair on your partition ?


I don’t know what that is. I have re-installed the Synology, recreated all volumes, so I’m working from scratch.


you need to run xfs_repair on the partition, but it must be unmounted, can you boot from a usb device?


Ok, found that, but what option do I need?

@dicko it’s a virtual machine inside a Synology box. Don’t think I have all the options of a physical server.

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The same way you used an ISO file to install FreePBX, you should be able to boot Ubuntu or any other Linux OS, then you need to run xfs_repair on your partition (fdisk -l to see them)


What I’m trying to boot here is an image taken from my previous install, the one that crashed. I have exported 6 .vmdk (virtual machine disk?) files of which 4 so far boot fine (all Ubuntu 20.04 btw) and 1 (FreePBX) shows these errors. It does show this screen before what is seen on my first screenshot:


maybe one of the other kernels is uncorrupted,but you can import vmdk images into other vms to repairthem


I’m so sorry, I’m not a power user. This is the first time I had to cope with this. I have imported the vmdk image, created a new VM and booted it. This worked for all my Ubuntu VMs, but not for my FreePBX VM unfortunately.


I have no idea what just happened, but in my copying files I saw an image file with the same name as the one I had first created a new VM with, so with that file I created another VM which boots fine! Think I’m going crazy here!!

No let’s test and see if it also works properly.

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