Recordings with Day/Night Control

Running FreePBX 2.8.02 with Asterisk
Trying to use the Recording for Day Mode feature.
Select a recording that I use elsewhere on the PBX.Save and submit.
When I call the number associated with the Day/Night Control I go straight to the call queue associated with Day Mode.

Am I missing something here?

same problem :((

The recording are only used when toggling day/night mode.
That is, if you have a daynight with *280, when you dial *280 and have recording for day and/or night, those will be played to you.

I guess that the tooltip should be more descriptive to avoid confusion.

Okay. That makes sense then but the wording could be changed as suggested.

I worked around this anyway.

Create an announcement and have the day/night control call the announcement and then the announcement calls what ever you want to go to in the day/night control - in my case a queue.