Recordings taking up a HUGE amount of space

In older versions of FreePBX, WAV compression on saved recordings was phenominal, using minimal MB for hours of recordings… Now, with new FreePBX Version 14 and 15, the recordings take up 1MB per minute…

How can we set recordings to use small wav compression?

We have had 5 PBX’s run out of storage space in the last two weeks

Thanks to all for positive and clear input

Also, how can one achieve a full system backup without Recordings being added… because backups are failing as disk space is being eaten alive

Please check this out. I hope it will help you out.

FreePBX 14

FreePBX 15


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call recordings are not in any default backup scheme

the recording format mentioned is controlled in advanced settings and big WAV is what i think youre looking for , take some samples and look at the difference …

ill check on version 15 because it could be easy to misinterpret backing up modules settings versus actually backing up whats in the monitor directory

Thank you very much Mohit!

Chris, thank you - this is exactly what I was wanting

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