Recordings not accessible in UCP / CDR

FreePBX 12.0.11, Asterisk 13.0.0 x64

Clean install. After two days with all recording enabled, we have recordings in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor however they do not show up linked in the FreePBX GUI (CDR) nor UCP. CDR query appears to function correctly. All other UCP functions appear to function correctly.

On another FreePBX instance, I see html generated as such (not generated on the pages the FreePBX in question is serving):

2014-11-21 11:02:26 Call recording

All modules installed are stable releases. Force updated UCP and CDR. No change.

I read that there may be problems with this feature in Asterisk 13. Presumably that will be fixed in the future. In the meantime, is there anything you could recommend for me to troubleshoot?

If I buy the commercial module Call Recording Reports, will I have access to CDR linked recordings? It’s would be nice to have it working in UCP for each user per extension, but more important to have an admin panel with all recordings for management.

The problem with Asterisk 12 and 13 in regards to CDRs will never be fixed. It is not a bug. It requires CDRs to be significantly rewritten in FreePBX (note this also NOT a bug in FreePBX). This is something that will be done in 13 but not in 12. Sorry. If you want reliable CDRs only use Asterisk 11.

That said. I use Asterisk 12 and 13 in development and the CDRs work for my needs and I have recordings as well. People are confused on the internet and shouldn’t be trusted at all in regards to this as they don’t know and don’t understand the problem so they are making assumptions that are incorrect.

You should go into the CDR database (asteriskcdrdb) and see for yourself if the recordings are in the database. If they are please let me know.

Thank you for the detailed explanation. Does that mean due to these issues with Asterisk, the FreePBX commercial module “Call Recording Reports” will also not function properly? (function properly in the sense that we would have GUI access to CDR linked recordings and archiving)

Actually, in the database, I can see associated file names with calls. For example:

However, it is clear not all calls have recordings. Short calls of 5-15 seconds seem to be ignored or not recorded by MixMonitor.

So “force-s-*” are not showing up in either CDR Reports Module or in UCP?

The commercial module would do nothing for you…

Usually Calls that dont have any “real” audio are not recorded.

That is correct, nothing was showing up as a recording in CDR or UCP.

Nevertheless, I was tinkering around with the box over these few days and it all works now in both UCP and CDR, though unfortunately I’m not sure what the failure point was as I wasn’t testing carefully, as I had accepted it wouldn’t work. Perhaps it was resetting ownership and permissions on all the recording files and directories [chown asterisk:asterisk and chmod] that did the trick.

I am using FreePBX 12.0.37. It is installed on unbutu using the wiki ubuntu install instructions. I am not getting any cdr in my cdr table.

Is the problem with asterisks 12 & 13 not freepbx?

Is the system using native mysql to insert the data or ODBC?

If I am using freepbx 12 I should expect CDR to just not work?

No. It works.

It uses ODBC

No it works.

FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-26
asterisk 11.16.0

I’m running into a similar issue. Recording wav files are in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor with filenames that match the uniqueid of CDR records however the recordings to no appear in the CDR report.

Looking in the asterisckcdrdb and the recordings are not listed in the “recordingfile” column.

I manually updated the record with the filename and this then allowed the recording to be seen in the cdr.

So now my question is, why is the recording filename not being recorded in the cdr records and what can I do to fix it?