Recordings Convert To g729 button has disappeared

we’ve been migrating from a very old freepbx to the latest and greatest version of freepbx.
At some point in the beginning when importing wav audio or when directly recording audio on the System Recordings tab, at the very bottom there was a button you could select so that the recording could be converted into g729 (along with other codecs).
Initially I tried to add the Digium G729 codecs (for which I already had paid licenses) but then I changed hardware, lost the Digium license AND realized that g729 is now included.
So g729 actually works, it shows up in the translation matrix and I’ve seen it be negotiated in the SIP debugging. What has disappeared is the button to convert to g729, the other ones are still there.
My guess is it has something to do with me going through the digium license install and then losing the license, but I havent been able to fix it.
Any tips on what I should be doing or where I should look?

No ideas? is this a bug?

I’d say “probably”. Submit it trouble ticket through the Issues tab and see what happens. It might be something simple like an option in the system not getting set as part of the upgrade process.

Looking at this carefully, my guess is it has something to do with the codecs it finds in the modules directory, but I am not sure how to clean the directory up from extraneous Digium files so that the button returns.

Ask for that in your ticket. Without analyzing the PHP code, no one is going to be able to tell you. The devs should have a pretty quick idea how to solve the problem.

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