Recording Voice Mail Greeting on virtual extension

Ok…if this has been covered elsewhere please forgive me (and point me to the right place). I searched through the docs and didn’t see anything specifically talking about this.

I have our main extension set up as a virtual extension (the person that answers incoming calls has other responsibilities and requires her own extension). The ring group is set up and works great but i am unable to record the VM greeting (unavailable, busy, etc.). How do I do that? I’m getting ready to deploy the system into production but need to get this figured out first. Thanks in advance or the pointer to the info located elsewhere.

You can dial from any phone *98 and access any Voicemail and it’s settings.

But I afraid your call flow is wrong, can you explain what you are trying to accomplish?


Call comes in during the day and rings a ring group. Several extensions are included in that group. Which ever extension in the group picks up handles the call as normal. If , for whatever reason it’s not answered, the vm for the virtual extension picks up, records the message, and emails it to the appropriate person.

At night…the time condition goes to the after hours IVR and sends to ext 101 vm (the virtual extension). That message is then emailed to the person that should listen to those messages eliminating the need for a message light. She can then give out her extension as needed and still answer the ‘front desk’ as needed as well.

So far…tests have gone good except the vm isn’t set up so all I get is a message the ext 101 hasn’t set up their voice mail.

Let me know if that doesn’t make sense or I should rethink things.

Your call flow is fine in my eyes.

Are you sure you get this message when calling 101? I never heard such a message in FreePBX when calling a voicemail.

And as i said, you can dial *98 and log into the Voicemail box to setup the greetings.

It’s something like that. Either voicemail is unavailable or the person is unavailable. It is a system generated greeting and I just needed to know how to change it to a more ‘personal’ message. Your information helped. Thanks a bunch.

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