Recording Voice and Video calls


I am (after initial struggles) a happy user of the FreePBX System for our golf-club. It is really an awesome product!

Now I have a special question, as we try to change our setup completely to VoIP we want to install a Outdoor door entry solution with an Integrated camera.

As just in the last week there where thieves stealing from our ProShop (we had it on cam’s, but not the faces and their car plates) we decided to have a more rigourous surveilance at the entrance.

We found a nice Hardware VoIP solution from H2, but before we buy and install I want to know if FreePBX can record the Videos from this device? I want every entry-request recorded.

As it works eceptionally well for Voice Call Recordings I hope it will do for Video as well?


Your best solution is to download and install ZoneMinder (, that software is just what you want.
I have done the Swedish translation for it a while ago.

Hi Mickecarlsson,

I guess I was not very clear, as english is not my native language :slight_smile:

We have a full installed commercial surveilance system, but until now we did not take our opening gate into consideration. It’s open on day and closed in the night.

So we want to use an VoIP door entry solution, which integrates in our core golf-club applications. Like that members and suppliers get gate-opener cards which will be checked against our databases, all this is fine, and is explained above, all is professionally video surveilanced. The only thing I want is for non-members and non-suppliers (i.e. guests) to record when they enter the golfclub from the door entry.

As this door-entry-camera is an integrated VoIP solution which rings a soft-phone on the reception computers where the soft-phone displays the video stream from door-entry module, all in SIP and VoIP.

As I can not integrate this Video stream with our existing Survailance solution I at least want to be able to record the SIP Call while it is in progression, What I am asking is if FreePBX is able to record this Video as well as it currently automatically can record the Audio?

I am not sure if there is another function for video recording in Asterisk than there is for Audio or if the Audio recording function can detect and record both simultaniously, or if I have to create some custom extension vodoo to make this work, and if so, if someone can help me out with this?


OK, if you can see the video on the soft phone you should be able to record it.
Set Record Incoming on the extension for the soft phone on the reception and it should record the video.

However, as I have not tested it, I don’t know how to view it.

More info here about Asterisk and videocalls: