Recording in/out calls

Hello, I have re-installed asterisk now again for the 5th time. Seems like everytime I fix one thing another goes wrong…

I had problems with no call logs, it is fixed now. I had problems with wakeup calls, and it is fixed now.

I have Asterisknow, with freepbx 2.5
My new issue, I have everything marked as record in/out calls. In the call logs area it shows everything, date/time length of call, but does NOT have an option to play the calls. This worked a few installs back. Is there something special I have to do to get the calls to play?

I assume it is a permission issue. How do I fix that? I have never changed a permission table before. I went to the /var/spool/asterisk/monitor The recordings are all there. It just does not show up on the FreePBX 2.5 panel under recordings. It does show everything else, who I called or who called me, the time of the call, just nothing in field to play the calls back.