Recording Entire Call?

Hello everyone,

FreePBX 14 Asterisk 15.

I’m trying to record phone calls from when the call reaches the Inbound Route.
Everywhere is set to force recording.
However, it appears that it only records when someone actually answers the line.

I already tried setting this to yes.

Any suggestions appreciated.


For anyone finding this. There’s a setting under “Settings > Advanced Settings” which controls this.

This is by default set to Yes. Changed it to No, and calls are now recorded from Cradle to Grave…

I’d appreciate if anyone with permission can update either of the following Wiki’s with this information.


What is the actual Call Recording setting under the “Other” tab in the Inbound Route? Is that set to “Yes” or “Force” because by default it’s “Don’t Care” and thus won’t start the recording.

And Iv’e actually also tried setting it to Yes.

Per the setting what iv’e just posted, it’ll never record the call unless it was actually answered by another channel (For example: An extension, a FMFM or another Trunk) Unless you set it to “No”

I’m not sure where this is going in regards to call flow but Ring Groups/IVRs/Queues, etc they all answer the call so this can happen. If you are sending this to a device directly, why do you want to record the ringing or early media that happens? There is no actual call at this point, its just setup.

So how are you flowing this call beyond the Inbound Route?

As I already explained in my original post, Answer does not make a diffidence, I even tried setting setting the Inbound Route to answer, it did not help…
There’s a difference when the PBX answers and when the call is bridged to another channel.

Inbound Route > Several IVR’s/Announcements > Queue.
Before I changed the setting to “No” in advanced settings, calls were only recorded from the point where a Agent in the Queue answered.
Once I changed it to “No” calls are being recorded from the point where the Trunk answers, records the IVR greetings, announcements, Queue MOH, agent answering etc. “The entire call” .

So originally at what point in the did the recoding start? Only after the person answred? Even with the IVR set to Yes for Call Recordings?

Yes. for most people it’s not an issue that way. But some people actually want to be able to listen what happened from the point where caller reached the system till the call was ended.

IIRC, in FreePBX 12 or before FreePBX 12, by default it used to record from the point of reaching the PBX. Apparently it (the setting to override) was changed, but no mention about it in the Wiki.

Because that setting is new v14. Show a call trace.

What for? That setting in advanced settings clearly says that if you leave it set to “Yes” it will only record calls at the point when someone answers the call.

Is you PBX set to “Yes” and is recording calls from the IVR or Queue before the agent answered??

Buddy, pal…don’t be a doctor that makes a horrible patient. You are having a problem, I asked to see the call trace that replicates this issue so I can see what is happening on your system.

Just be a good player and provide it.

No. I don’t anymore. I clearly said in my second post here, that there’s a setting in place which has to be changed in order the calls should be recorded from the point of reaching the PBX.

Again, the fact that the PBX is only recording calls from the point of answer, is not an issue on my PBX, this is the new default on all PBX’s since [I believe] version 13, or like you said 14.

If your PBX is set to “No” AND it is recording calls from the point of reaching the PBX, then I’ll believe you that something is wrong with my PBX. (But again, that’s contradicting what the setting states)

Sorry, missed that. Glad it’s working and yeah that is a new setting. I didn’t even realize it was there, I don’t use that tab for things.

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