Recording calls initiated from click to dial script

So - all my extensions are set to always record incoming and outgoing calls. This works fine when you dial using the handset or receive a normal call.

I have a clic2dial script that fires off a call and these do not get recorded. The AMI script is shown below.

Question is - what do I need to add to get these calls recorded?

Action: login
Username: MyMagicUser
Secret: Shhh…its-a-secret
Events: off
Action: originate
Channel: SIP/1234
WaitTime: 30
CallerId: 012341123123
Variable: _ALERT_INFO=info=alert-autoanswer
Exten: 012341123123
Context: from-internal
Async: true
Priority: 1
Action: Logoff

I’m wondering if I’ve got this script totally wrong as putting the number to be dialled in the exten line doesn’t seem right - but it works in terms of making the call…

Any help appreciated