Recording calls from another VoIP system

I have call recording from another VoIP system working when redirecting to FreePBX inbound route tied to a conference. I have it being sent to a silent conference extension on FreePBX. The inbound route to the conference is set to force recording. I’d like to be able to have the inbound route dedicated to call recording just answer the call and record it and not have to use a conference as a destination.

Is there some kind of virtual NULL destination that can be used to answer the call and just stay on that call till the call is disconnected by one of the parties?


Ok, I went away from an inbound route and am using MixMonitor via a Dialplan in Extensions_custom.conf.

MixMonitor does not keep the channel open. How do I record the calls by keeping the call open on the Asterisk extension I’m using to forward to via the Cisco CallManager recording profile. Cisco bridges to the FreePBX extension.

This is the dial plan:
exten => 6666,1,Answer
exten => 6666,n,Noop(SIPCALLID ${SIPCALLID})
exten => 6666,n,Noop(UNIQUEID ${UNIQUEID})
exten => 6666,n,Noop(${remotedid})
exten => 6666,n,Set(File_Record=test.wav49)
exten => 6666,n,MixMonitor(${File_Record})
exten => 6666,n,StopMixMonitor()
exten => 6666,n,Hangup()

I’m a little lost at the moment.


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