Recording caller and callee voice in separate files

i need the callee and caller voice in 2 separate files. So is there a way to achive this in all the calls incoming in queue(or even all the calls indipendently, it does not make much difference but i would prefer the first)?
Or if this can’t be done can i split the standard recording of freepbx by the voices with some command?

That’s not possible @Raven5650, at least not from the GUI.

and from the CLI?

You would record each channel in a separate file. The above is your starting point.

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Thanks i have achive what i need with the command you suggest. The only problem is that i can’t find a way to let freepbx send me automatically the channelid of incoming call (for now i call the Rest “channels”). From what i have read it seem to me that i have to add “Statis(app)” to the dialplan to let freepbx send information to my ws client. But how can i achive this globally for all call indipendetly if they are from queue or internal or etc…? can you point me in the right direction like you have done with snoop?

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Read this:

Then place your stasis app as part of the correct macro.

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