Recorded Calls Not Showing up in UCP Inbox

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Here’s the rest of my question.


When I record a call, it doesn’t appear in the “Inbox” on the extensions User Control Panel. I can find the recording in the “Call History” section of UCP and in the CDR. Is there a setting in the "User Manager’ module for the extension that I’m missing?

FreePBX 13.0.189
PBX Firmware 10.13.66-16
PBX Service Pack

Are you talking about voicemail? Not sure what inbox you speak of.

Yes … Sorry. When I’m on a call and enter “*1” the call is recorded. I believe the recording should be delivered to the “Inbox” in VoiceMail.


Unfortunately thats not how it works. Voicemail is for voicemail. All call recordings will be in cdr or cel

Thanks for clarifying that.

Hi Andrew
Sorry to come back to this topic, but I have some further questions. If you look at the attached picture you’ll see that there’s no delete option and the time of the recording is truncated (this occurs both in Chrome and Firefox). Also the CEL doesn’t show anything in the “Playback” column even though the extension is listed in the “User Manager / UCP / Call Event Logging” tab. I can putty into FreePBX and delete the recording that way, however as a user how would I delete them via UCP?
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

I can’t tell that the recording is truncated. You haven’t even loaded it. That’s why it says “00:00”

Hi Andrew
When you say “loaded it” do you mean play it first and then I’ll be able to delete it? I do this and it play’s the 8 second recording, however I don’t see an option to delete it after that. What am I missing?


There is no option to delete and the 16 seconds is the total length of the call. Depending on where the recording started the recording itself could be a different length. Eg. Not 16 seconds.

I presume it’s okay to putty into the unit and delete the messages manually? This only came to lite when I transferred last months backup onto a USB key and I noticed how large the file size was and attributed some of it to the recordings. Therefore I wanted to see how I could delete the unnecessary ones and figured there would be an option for the end user to manage which recordings they wanted to keep and which ones they wanted. Would the addition of a “delete” button be a feature request to FreePBX and if so, how do I go about doing so.

I think the “Call Recordings Commercial Module” will do want I want (as a system administrator); that is allow me to manage any call recordings via the GUI. I can delete and archive any recording I wish. Once the module is installed, does it allow an end user to delete or archive their recordings from the UCP, or is this capability only available to an administrator via “Reports / Call Recordings” tab?

Thanks again in advance for your replies.

No. Only Admins from FreePBX. You can grant admin access to a user and limit their access to these reports tho.

Thank you very much for the information.