Record on demand no longer working

We have the latest 2.8 version running on centos5.5 and asterisk

For some reason call record on demand is no longer working.
Call record on permanent is ok, but on demand doesnt work.

I have these options set - rWwt , and WwT for outbound.

My features_featuremap_additional.conf looks like this:


When in a call Asterisk will work using ** for axfer, but *1 for recording doesnt even get picked up in the CLI

If I change the codes around, e.g. *2 for axfer and ** for automon, the same thing happens, axfer works with the new code, automon doesnt!

Can anyone help??

looks like automon is no longer working in asterisk
automixmon DOES work however, but this cannot be set in Freepbx.

issued a bug report

Add the following line to /etc/asterisk/features_general_custom.conf

featuredigittimeout = 1500

Reload and test if that solves your problem.

featuredigittimeout is already set
all other features such as pickup, attended transfer and blind transfer work perfectly

automon doesnt work, but automixmon does!