Record all internal answered calls

Hi, I’m using FreePBX 16 and set some extensions. All extensions are internal to the system.
I would like to record calls, so I’ve set for each extension “Inbound internal calls” → Force.
This actually works but has the following drawbacks:

  • this should be set for each extension
  • this also records unanswered calls

How can I set to record all internal answered calls?

HI @kuma9

1.You can use the bulk handler to modify the extension setting
2.If you are using the call recording report module, enable “Remove zero duration files” to delete unwanted recording files.

Hi @pramarajan and thanks for your answer!
Regarding point 2, I don’t find the option ‘remove zero duration files’. I see Applications → Call Recording, but the list is empty. Can you please provide more details?

You can find that option in the recording report module, Report => Call Recordings. its a commercial module.

Thank you.
Without using a commercial module, would it be possible to record answered calls only? E.g. call recording starts when call is actually answered?