Record all call's


i can enable call recording for every extension on it own
i can disable it for all extensions at all

but is there a way to enable it for all extensions?

i see 3 options on the extension call recording
always never and don’t care
so i suspect that if its set to don’t care there should be a other option to enable it

is this posibe at all or do i need to change te settings for all my users?

is the question not clear or do i ask something stupid?

Look under Applications > Call Recording, you can set up trunks, ring groups, or extensions that will force calls to be recorded.

And when you select always, all calls to and from that extension will be recorded.

as far as i can see is that only for incomming calls from external
is there no option to reccord all the voice that is going trough the server?


I have been searching for the same option to enable call recording for all inbound and outbound calls for all extensions. If anyone can direct me to the configuration file I would appreciate it.