Record all calls but use feature code to run post record script on select few

Using the latest stable Asterisk and FreePBX, I’ve setup the system to record all calls that are stored for internal use.

But I want to assign a feature code to run the MIXMON_POST script only after some call recordings end, not after all the recordings.

Is there a way to accomplish this? The purpose is to run the post script which will email recordings of the call to the user associated with the extension only if they want to get a copy of the recording.

How do you know who wants the emails and when and how do you envisage have changed their choice?

We have a internal mysql database maps asterisk extensions to email addresses for everyone.

The script gets the extension number from asterisk or from the file name. Then it runs a query for the email address and sends an email with the recording attached.

. . . and how do you envisage (a user has) have changed their choice? (from wanting emails to not wanting emails)

If I was doing such a thing, I would approach it with a bunch of custom dialplan/asterisk config:

  • Set a hangup handler to run on the channel
  • create a custom in-call feature code to set a channel var on the recording channel
  • when the hangup handler runs, check the value of the channel var, and if enabled get the recording file name, determine the recipinent and then generate the email

There’s a fair bit to it.

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