Recompiling asterisk makes freepbx stop

I recompiled asterisk 16.30, the same version, to add malloc_debug, but as soon as I recompile asterisk, then FreePBX stop sending calls to queues, so it’s dead. Does anybody know how to recompile asterisk so that FreePBX still works? My FreePBX version is 16

Quick guess, you didn’t select app_macro ?

there is no app_macro on the menuselect

I disagree, look again. It’s always been there , from v16 it has been deprecated do off by default, you will to de-debricate it if you want FreePBX macros to continue to work. :wink:

I just checked and it does get compiled by default. But thanks for the advice.

Again I will disagree , in asterisk-16.30.1 (latest) it is not checked by default, I just downloaded the source from

and looked, 'cos I knew where to look :slight_smile: ,

I compiled 16.30, because I did not want to risk any incompatibility, should I recompile with 16.30.1?

That won’t make any difference , but you will still need to enable it.

Here are the changes between 16.30 and 16.30.1

You are right, app_macro does not get compiled in 16.30.1, even if I add --enable app_macro
menuselect/menuselect menuselect/menuselect menuselect.makeopts
so how do I enable app_macro in 16.30.1

It is not the default in 16.30 either, probably easiest for you is to run the TUI

make menuselect

and follow your nose.

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