Recommned Way to Update AsteriskNow?

Hi there,

Please correct me if I am wring but AsteriskNow is the official distro for FreeBPX correct? I hope this is the right place to ask this qiuestion.

What is the correct way to keep the system updated?

  1. yum update?
  2. Update FreeBPX modules from WebGUI?
  3. Running the update scripts? (


FreePBX Distro is the official distro of the FreePBX project - AsteriskNow is the official bundled distro from Digium, the people that maintain Asterisk.

AsteriskNow uses FreePBX as it’s web interface, but they are using FreePBX, not the other way around.

As far as updating it, the FreePBX scripts should not be run on it - it’s not set up like theirs.

Module Updates from within FreePBX are fine, and the last time I checked, yum was still the method for OS level updates for that distro.

If you want to get onboard with the official FreePBX Distro, you should look into a complete backup, loading the FreePBX Distro, and then restoring the backup - then you can use all the various FreePBX Distro-specific scripts and updates.

If you switch you will also have access to the Commercial modules, of which Endpoint Manager is my favorite - it’s cheap ($75.00) and a HUGE timesaver for even a a small install.

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