Recommended Software for CDR FCC compliance?

We need to be able to provide the FCC the following information:

U.S. / Int’l (That travereses the U.S.)
Int’l to Int’l (outside / does not traverse the U.S.)

I have tried to dump the CDR but even on a date range for a year I get one month. Then what is the best way to get the data I need above at that point? Is there a software to simplify this process?

Nothing free or even on the low side of cost. I have to do the same thing with the FCC. You are going to need something that will do the Intra/Inter state checks and remember the only Toll Free they care about is origination.

Using the Asterisk CDRs for this is going to be messy because of the amount of records they generate for a single call. Things like CF and FM are going to generate even more CDRs as the Local channels are going to be involved.

I ended up having to write my own reporting for this to dip in to my CDR database (not Asterisk’s) and check the calls. Used the local calling guide API to determine inter/intra state calls (also created a cache database so I’m not hammering the poor guys server) and have all that spit out the report of what my usage is, how much usage and what the safe harbor cap is.

Of course there is also the fun of the FCC wanting to know the non-telecom revenue portion too.

You can write something to parse through

Something like libphone number you can do:

$number = PhoneNumber::parse('+447123456789');
echo $number->getRegionCode(); // GB
echo $number->getCountryCode(); // 44
echo $number->getNationalNumber(); // 7123456789

What software would you guys recommend then? or would you be willing to share those scripts (which I doubt)

as @BlazeStudios it is unlikely there is anything “off the shelf”. You would have to write something or hire someone to do so.

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