Recommended Free Softphone for Testing

I am completely new to FreePBX . I have an instance of FreePBX running and want to start testing. I am considering swapping our schools old NEC system to IP phones. For testing purposes is there a free softphone recommenced?. Also, if I get a couple of IP phones for testing what is recommend for getting your feet wet?

You can try microsip ( for windows ) very good softphone with a lof ot features ( BLF , Shorcuts etc )
For Android / Iphone you can try gs wave lite ( problem running in background like the most free apps in the store )
For Linux maybe Zoiper/Linphone

For ipphones go with yealink you can configure very fast ( and scriptable for large deploy if u dont go with EPM )

The free version of the Endpoint Manager will provision Sangoma phones, purchasing Sangoma hardware / trunking will support the project. Check out the D6X or P series phones.

Disclaimer: Sangoma Employee

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Thank you, Will the S series only work with PBXact or can they work with FreePBX too?.

S series works with everything, I mentioned the others as a personal pref.